The new job.

I couldn’t love my life more than I do right now. God just continues to bless me! I had my first day in the FBC offices, and got to meet everyone. I think I’m really going to enjoy it.
If there is one thing that you could take from my life it would be this; God will provide. He’s given me countless opportunities to be a better person, and I know that he will continue.

I get this feeling, and for those of you that were in Holdenville around the summer of 2009, that this summer could be a lot like that one. For those of you who don’t know what happened that year, well we just had an amazing Falls Creek experience, and that fire was lit in all of us. As a youth group when we got back home, we; as students set up bible studies. We set weekly ones up at the lake, that were completely student ran. With all the stuff happening around Ada First right now, I could see that happening. The Falls Creek theme that my boss, Ken, is making looks great. I know that the youth minister Ryan Kilby will bring the good word too, so I’m just really excited about what is happening in this town right now. Be in prayer for the town of Ada, me, and The Extra Mile.


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