Day 1 of Alaska

Day one of Alaska is winding down. Well.. its about 11:30 pm, and the sun is still up.. 

Today went really well. We woke up at 12 pm local time, wich was much needed after a super long day of travel. My ears finally adjusted after being super messed up from the flight. I was really amazed walking out after we woke up to about 50 degree weather. 

It really amazes me how beautiful everything is. God has really blessed this region with a very nice aesthetic touch. The mountains are clearly visible, with their snow capped peaks. 

After the aesthetic looks, you come to realize that things are different here. The most different thing about this place has to be the people. The atitudes are just really different. Most people seem to be in a fairly bad mood most of the time. I think that has to do with the feel of isolation that happens once you realize how far away you are from everything. 

We, as missionaries, have much work to do here.

People feel not only secluded from media and others, but God as well. I cant really be too sure why that is, but thats the sense I get from them. 

I am excited about what God is going to do this on this trip, not just for what he is going to do for the community but for us guys as well.. 

Continue to pray for this trip, because we have been blessed. We are going to keep on doing God’s work. I will talk to you soon.


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