My Next Chapter


Today I started my new job as the Information Systems Specialist at the Pontotoc Technology Center.

PTC is a place all about bettering people, and I believe I can thrive in an environment like that. I love seeing people educating themselves and learning skills they can use to help better their lives.

The second I walked into my brand new office I was greeted by a new mug, a tshirt, a hat, a flash drive, pens, and so much more all branded with the Pontotoc Technology Center logo.  I can already feel the togetherness this place has. There is a clear “team” feel, and that’s something I appreciate a lot.

There is a lot out there for me to learn and achieve with PTC and I am thankful for that. I’ve always been one to want to better myself, and I see PTC as a place where I can do that. Already in my first day I felt myself forming relationships with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Things like that are exactly why I wanted to work for the Pontotoc Technology Center.

I am thankful for the opportunity, and can’t wait to really get going with PTC.


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